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The emergence and development of parasitism is inextricably linked to the main The emergence of life on Earth was a point of reference. The emergence of life on Earth was a kind of reference point the formation of symbiotic relationships, including parasitism. A reflection of the evolutionary antiquity of parasitism is the expression Parasitism is a reflection of the evolutionary antiquity of parasitism that is expressed by the academician E.N.Pavlovsky (1934). It is impossible to establish the exact age of parasitism, because after The parasites quickly decay and are not preserved in geologic strata. Theoretically, we can assume that parasites appeared at the same time as the appearance of the cell, since parasitic bacteria have been found in the body of the amoeba. parasitic bacteria (Archean Era, 3.5 billion years). In the Paleozoic multicellular parasites were already present, as is evidenced by the finds There were already multi-celled parasites in the Paleozoic, as is evidenced by the impressions of sea lilies (echinoderms) that had nematode-induced halo-shaped growths (600-700 Ma). Parasitism formed simultaneously with the development of the biosphere, Evolving towards an increase in the diversity of parasitic forms

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Parasitic diseases are second in prevalence only to respiratory infections, experts say. And they are relevant at any time of the year. According to scientists, parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria poison the body of every third person in the world, provoke gastrointestinal diseases and many other health problems. According to statistics, every year more than five billion people in the world suffer from parasitic diseases. There is a tendency for this figure to increase. It is interesting that at the beginning of the 21st century, scientists found that 95% of the world's population is infested with parasites, and 99.9% of people who have pets, including rodents and birds, are carriers of parasites. As many as 1.5 million cases of these diseases are reported each year in USA.

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"Parasitic diseases are a group of diseases caused by parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Parasites live at the expense of another organism, feeding on its energy and cells. They absorb vitamins and all useful substances. In addition, they poison the body with the products of their life", - said the assistant doctor-epidemiologist of Tambov City Clinical Hospital № 3 E.V. Moiseeva. Next, the specialist talked about the causes of parasitic diseases and preventive measures.